SEWARD MEDITER A regenerating mask for damaged and inanimate hair with grape polyphenols and wheat amino acids

Seward Mediter Remedy Filler Mask 7/M 500ML

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A regenerating mask for damaged and inanimate hair with grape polyphenols and wheat amino acids, which has a cumulative, long-lasting care effect, serves as a restorative and strengthening agent for the hair shaft, and also contains nutritional components to improve the structure and appearance of your hair.

 The active components of the mask quickly penetrate into the depths of the hair, firmly “gluing” peeling scales and split ends from the inside, so that each hair is completely restored, getting rid of microcracks and other damage. After using the mask, the hair instantly acquires shape and fullness, and also becomes light, soft and shiny.

 The mask is an obligatory part of the program for the reconstruction of damaged, inanimate hair after chemical treatment (dyeing, highlighting, blonding, curling, straightening).

The Mask is very economical to use and suitable for all types of hair.

 Active ingredients of the Filler Mask 7/M firming mask: 

 White grape polyphenols obtained through a patented multiple purification technology:

  • retain all natural natural properties;
  • ensure the stability of their action;
  • revitalize and cleanse hair;
  • have antioxidant properties;
  • neutralize free radicals;
  • prevent the process of destruction of the hair shaft.

 Wheat amino acids:

  • actively and deeply penetrate the hair structure (90% -98%);
  • restore the natural keratin of the hair;
  • have a moisturizing and conditioning effect;
  • give hair softness and tenderness;
  • make hair "obedient".

 Application of Helen Seward Filler Mask 7/M:

  • Apply a certain amount of the mask (depending on the length of the hair) to damp, clean hair, curl by curl, gently “massaging” each curl, helping the hair absorb the mask;
  • Distribute the mask along the entire length of the hair with your hands, and then with a comb;
  • Cover hair with non-hermetic material;
  • Hold from 5 minutes (thin short hair) to 25 minutes (thick long hair);
  • Wash off with warm running water.
  • The action of the mask is enhanced with additional exposure to heat .

 Mask application frequency:

  • for preventive purposes, it is recommended to use a mask once a month;
  • if your hair is severely damaged and weakened, it is recommended to use the mask as an intensive care once every 15 days.

 The firming mask can be used alone or in combination with Activator Shampoo 7/S, which gently cleanses the scalp, preparing the hair for an internal repair procedure, and Remedy Sealing Fluid 7/L for a perfect external restoration.

 The complex action of the preparations is guaranteed to help you restore damaged and inanimate hair and solve all problems associated with weakening hair.


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