Elgon Moda & Styling Colour 125ml

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 New Moda&Styling is Elgon's rich and strong hair colour that expands your colour service offering a wide range of bright and glamorous shades.


The new formula is available in a 125 ml maxidose suitable for two full applications. The active ingredients provide a more intense, shinier and longer-lasting colour thanks to the new Silker Complex 3® formula. The new formulation is dermatologically tested, low in ammonia and paraben free.

 Modastyling will give you perfect 100% coverage of grey hair. This colour provides total respect for the hair structure with natural-like colour. It keeps the colour even and bright over time with a high resistance to washings. It uses 30 - 40% less ammonium than the other oxidation dyes; it is enough to change the chemical and physical structure of melanin without being aggressive to hair fibre (the low ammonium content also allows a less unpleasant smell when mixed with oxygen than other marketed dyes).

 It uses an active colouring pigments concentration which allows a fuller, more even and longer lasting colouring, more resistant to washing than other dyes.

 It contains lactic acid, with a softening and shining effect, and salicylic acid to make hair brighter, fuller and protected. It is very easy to apply.

 Additional results

  • Very good coverage in all the shades range.
  • Maximum brightness.
  • Very easy to mix with both liquid and cream oxygen.
  • 0/0 a unifying base useful in all colours.
  • Optimal bleaching with 30 vol. peroxide.
  • Red range with a very good coverage, without mixing, with natural base with 50-60% grey hair.
  • Hair tones are resistant and shiny in the following washings (even in more difficult shades like red).
  • The 125 ml. size is for 2.5 applications for each package, thus being very cost-effective.

The modastyling hair colour mixing ratio is 1 + 1 for permanent colouring, 1:1.5 for demi-colouring and a 1:2 mix for semi-colouring and for high lift blondes.




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