Toning Shampoo`s for Blonde/Bleached/Highlighted/Grey Hair



Whether you've got that milky, creamy blonde hair or you're naturally very light, caring for blonde locks is hard work. Seriously, blondes have to do much more than ladies with dark hair! The bleach makes the hair quite porous, which means anything and everything can alter the colour. The key to maintaining lovely, bright bombshell hair, though, is weekly toning. While everyone's hair is different it's a general rule of thumb to use a toning shampoo and/or conditioner once a week.
It looks a little crazy because it comes out an opaque shade of blue or dark purple, but this "silver" product is the key to saying "goodbye" to brassy tones and "hello" to beautiful, illuminated blonde hair. Leave it on for a couple of minutes if you have particularly blah strands, but no longer or your hair literally will start to turn blue or purple — depending on the colour of your toning shampoo      



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