Elgon 10Min Colour 60ml

                       Elgon 10 MIN Colour 60ml

 10 MIN is the permanent professional cream colouring with keratin that guarantees the highest coverage and colour brightness result in the shortest time. 10 MIN COLOUR is recommended to cover white hair regrowth and provide quick and effective colouring services in the salon.

25 shades.

 The benefits

10 MIN has been designed for hairstylists who wish to satisfy also customers who lack the time necessary for the colouring service, while at the same time obtain a perfect quality technical service.


10 MIN has been designed entirely by Elgon’s labs; with its innovative formula, it has these benefits:

 Keratin: substance making up the skin; its function within the formulation is increasing the hair fibre’s strength during the quick colouring process

The quick penetration colourings develop effectively to guarantee the highest colour performance. In particular, the presence of a special polymer facilitates the colour penetration into the hair and promotes its adhesion to the fibre.

Cream texture: soft but compact, it is mixed in few seconds. Its texture ensures perfect adhesion to the hair during application, and stability during the whole setting time.

Low ammonia content: it reduces the swelling of the cuticle, the first natural protection of hair. With more brightness and less hair sensitivity during colour application.

 The result: effective coverage in 10 minutes like a classic colouring, with highest shine. Hair is highly cosmetic, soft and shiny.



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