Elgon Get the Colour Dolce Ammonia Free 100ml

Ammonia Free permanent colour

 Get the Colour Dolce is a permanent dye completely free of ammonia, to offer all the benefits of a classical dye.

 It is the colouration most suitable for customers with sensitive and sensitised scalps or those who wish to approach the world of cosmetic colouring feeling completely safe...


Get the Colour Dolce is also an ultra-gentle conditioning treatment thanks to the presence of echinacea, with decongesting and soothing properties. The absence of ammonia reduces the cuticle swelling and makes the colouring action gentle and gradual, without affecting the colour duration. At the same time, the presence of high penetration colouring agents guarantees hair brightness and beauty.

 Get the Colour Dolce guarantees shiny hair, bright long lasting colours and 100% grey coverage, without fading.

 Get the Colour Dolce is a full-blown permanent cosmetic colouring available in 54 shades and is gentle on the hair and scalp. It bleaches up to 2 and a half tones tones, depending on the hair structure. All the shades in the series, except the toners, are inter-mixable for a high level of customisation of the service



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