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Parlux 385 Light Ionic & Ceramic Hair Dryer

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The Parlux 385 is the lightest, most powerful Parlux model yet! Drying your hair has been easier, and your will never look better. Just check out the amount of features these professional dryers come with: The Parlux 385 Power Light is equipped with a new engine K-Lamination® by Ciaramella longer lasting and more powerful. It is equipped with the Ionic and Ceramic® essential for the health and the elimination of static electricity of the hair. This dryer weighs just 15.94oz and is made from recyclable materials. And with industry standard ionic and ceramic technologies, the hair is dried from the inside out, leaving the external structure unharmed in the drying process. The 385 still has the built-in silencer, balance and grip earlier Parlux models already established, with an ideal fit for the hairdresser 18.5 cm. The new hair dryer and packaging are made from recyclable materials.

The Parlux 385 Power Light are equipped with 2 special nozzles for quick attachment that allows a quick and secure. Can be rotated 360 ° with extreme simplicity to adapt to any position of use. The innovative bonus slot allows you to harness the power of this dryer allowing drying and styling even more rapid. Each Parlux Hair Dryer is made in Italy and is designed for professional stylists to meet the demand of today's hairstyles. All parts made in Italy.

The exceptional power of the new Parlux 385 Power Light makes drying and styling your hair in a very short time thus optimising the consumption of electricity.

Additional Features:

  • Cold Air: Instant cold air button
  • Balancing: Motor-fan electronically balanced
  • Cable Length: 10 feet cord with safety plug
  • Number of Vents: 1
  • Number of Switches: 2
  • Air Flow: 75m³/hour
  • Power: 2150 watts
  • Temperature: 4 temperatures
  • Speed: 2 speed

What you get:

  • 1 x Parlux 385 Power Light Ionic and ceramic White
  • 2 x concentrator nozzles for precise styling

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