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Farmavita Amethyste Purify Peeling Mask 150ml

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AMETHYSTE Purify Peeling Mask
Pre-shampoo peeling. This unique formula is an exclusive combination
of highly effective purifying agents and special micro-beads to help exfoliate
the scalp and remove flakes, excess oil and product residue. 
apply an adequate amount of product directly on the scalp. Massage gently for
about 5 minutes, lathering with water if necessary. Rinse and wash with the shampoo.
Ideal to prepare the hair and scalp before any Amethyste treatments.

Amethyst Microbeads + Jojoba Oil

Amethyst Microbeads: inspired from skincare, help exfoliate the scalp.
Release a highly
concentrated dose of Jojoba oil.
Jojoba Oil: soothing effect on irritated scalp.


For optimal results, Purify Peeling Mask should be applied by performing a Purifying Massage. Perform gentle circular movements with the tips of the fingers together, working from the sides of the head up to the crown. Continue concentrating on the nape area. Total massage time should be 5 minutes. Add water if necessary. Rinse and wash with the Amethyste shampoo.


Peeling Mask helps remove excess oil, flakes and product residue, for a healthy, clean and balanced scalp.




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