Elgon Reanimation Shampoo 300ml or 1Lt

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A specially formulated shampoo for hair that has been damaged
by chemical treatments. To be used after colouring and bleaching,
it restores the structure of the hair and guarantees quality and a long-lasting result.

                                                          MADE IN ITALY


Each COLORCARE formulation contains precious ingredients to nourish,
hydrate, illuminate and strengthen.
• Rice oil: known also as rice bran oil or health oil, it is extracted from the
germ and the inner husk of rice, and it has nourishing, protective and
mosturizing properties.
• Aloe vera: its soothing properties are especially suitable for hair and
scalp treatments.
• Tomato extract: it contains flavonoids, carotenoids, sugars, vitamins B
and C, with astringent and refreshing properties.
• Grape extract: with anti-oxidant and decongesting properties.
Elgon is environment-friendly, because for the COLORCARE line, it
chooses PE packagings, disposable in the most wide-spread plants in the
world. PE keeps the products’ qualities intact, and is therefore a further
guarantee for customers.

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