Elgon Amplea Volumising Pre-treatment 75ml

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Volumizing Pre-treatment is the pre-wash that applied before shampooing can, through its action
- Perform a volumizing function acting from the root right up to the hair shaft
- Coat the hair cuticle
- Increase the hair's thickness with a volumizing effect that gives body too
Has no cleansing power Does not weigh the hair down.


Fine, medium or coarse hair that needs volume.


Apply to dry hair before shampooing.
– Distribute and massage into the hair with circular movements lock by lock
– Comb out
– Allow it to work for 10 minutes without using any heat sources
– Rinse.
Continue with the treatment by deep cleaning the hair with Using the Volumizing Bath shampoo.
To achieve excellent results the Volumizing Pre-treatment application should be repeated at least every 6-8 shampoos.


The Volumizing Pre-treatment is the real protagonist of the volume service. The water-based formula is enriched with several active ingredients that together perform functions that help the hair.
– Marine lichen extract: with an antioxidant effect
– Wheat derivatives to give nourishment to the hair
– Redoxina®: active ingredient composed of Klamath alga and keratin amino acids with anti ageing action

Volumizing Pre-treatment is also a part of Amplea, a line with Voluhidra Complex®, a complex rich in volumizing substances that bind to the hair and make it thicker, by detaining water molecules.


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