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Gamma Coloured Shampoo 250ml by Erayba

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Shampoo with pigment. Revives and maintains hair color either coloured or Natural. Gives hair smoothness, vitality and natural shine.
Use: Apply onto wet hair, massaging gently, leave for 2 or 3 minutes before rinsing.
Type of Hair: All hair types, colored hair.
Fragrance: Fruit High
Active Ingredients                                          Benefit
(Non-oxidizing pigments):                              Color maintenance.
Extra Gentle Surfactant:                                 Gentle deep cleaning of the hair, avoiding
                                                                                        scalp irritation.
Starch (potato extract):                                 Hair color protection. Repairs damaged 
                                                                                hair and makes styling easier.
Honey Extract (quaternized):                          Moisturizes and repairs hair, giving more
                                                                                               volume and shine.


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