Termix Evolution XL Hairbrush, 3CM Longer... 37mm ,43mm

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Innovative professional thermal brush with a 25% extra surface for faster drying and for a unique result in the hair. With Termixs ionized fibers, it achieves a maximum grip, a sealed extra cuticle and gives more brightness, as well as it avoids frizz. Ideal to create new hairstyles, volumes and waves.

   AVAILABLE DIAMETERS (mm)  37mm  43mm  

3cm more of length: New size which enables a greater amount of hair in one passover and can achieve longer-lasting waves with curler effect.
Ionized fibers: High-performance fibers that eliminate static electricity, bring more brightness and are ideal to work with more amount of hair.
Diamond-shaped vents: All the Termix Evolution range include innovative diamond-shaped vents that increase by 10% the amount of air, thus reducing drying time by 30% over other conventional aluminium brushes.
100% ergonomic handle: The ergonomic design of its handle makes it easy to use, even in a prolonged professional use. It is also made with santoprene, a soft and rubbery texture, for non-slipping grip even with wet hands.
Non-stick tube: Tube of PFTC which prevents aerosol and other product adhering.

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