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Elgon Primaria Zinc Py Intensive Lotion 8 x 7ml vials

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:This product has now been discontinued:

Stops the growth of bacteria that causes dryness or flaking of the scalp. Irritation is eased and the overall health of scalp and hair is improved


Primaria is the professional anti-ageing line for hair from Elgon, which uses the natural elements from the Klamath seaweed combined with keratin.

 It is specially formulated with Redoxina®, an innovative technology that provides hair with energy and vitality, safeguarding the natural oils that make hair beautiful and healthy.

 Redoxina® literally means reduction of oxidation. It is the new technology introduced by Elgon’s laboratories to increase the defences of the hair structures, slowing down oxidation and forestalling the effects of ageing.

 Redoxina® contains amino-acid Keratin and Klamath seaweed, native to Ireland and the Baltic Sea, and is rich is antioxidants and numerous vitamins and minerals.

 Primaria consists of 17 products, all of which contain Redoxina® for highly effective prevention of the loss of the hair’s natural anti-ageing minerals

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