Nirvel Professional ARTX 100gm Permanent Colour

                Artx is the permanent hair colour in the Nirvel Professional range. With oxidating pigments, carefully selected to achieve a long-lasting, supreme hair colour. It respects the natural hair structure during the colouring process, as its formula contains CONDITIONING AGENTS and HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN, a powerful hair restructuring agent, added to the marked antioxidant effect provided by Vitamin E, Noted for its high grey-coverage capacity, both on thick hair and on stubborn greys. The normal proportion for working with ARTX is 1+1.5, although we recommend applying 1+1 on very stubborn grey for an optimum end result. The Artx colour chart has a wide range with 99 shades, rich, long-lasting colours with excellent grey coverage.Artx is the hair colour par excellence by Nirvel Professional

                Bright, long-lasting colours that respects hair’s natural structure.



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